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Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew wasn't Direction's first hurricane, so she knew what to do. A dock is about the worst place for a boat in a storm or hurricane because you're relying on everyone else to tie their vessels down securely. Lots of absentee boat owners in a marina means lots of bumper boat situations, and even some that are secured can come loose. Hurricanes are totally unpredictable.  We anchored Direction up a deep local creek, removed all her sails and rigging, and hoped Matthew would be kind. He wasn't to everyone, but it sure could have been worse for most of us.

Here are some great shots of pre-Matthew Charleston taken by our local friend Jason Crichton of Jason Crichton Photography. You can follow him on Facebook for even more interesting photos from the Holy City. Otherwise, we're back, we're sailing in beautiful weather, and we'd love to have you aboard. Book your trip now and let's go!