Last year I went to the North Sails loft in Charleston, S.C. I spoke to John and Tripp about the new NORTH SAILS 3Di formed sails. On their recommendation I ordered the 3Di sails.

At first I was thinking, what the hell have I done? New sails are expensive. So after relaying my reluctance to my friend Paul. His 2 comments were, “ You wanna win races , buy NORTH SAILS.” “Once the sails are on the boat you wont look back because you will be WINNING.” and he was right !!!

I looked back at what I had spent on the Dacron set of sails 6 years ago, surprisingly with the North sails discount it was 1200.00 more for the 3Di sails.

Tripp and John at North Sails have given me impeccable service as well as a great set of sails.