On Thursday the 17th CORA (Charleston Ocean Racing Association) had our annual chilli cook off.  16 boats entered thier warm crock pots of chilli. Ok 15 boats had warm crock pots of chilli , Marc on ALLIANCE put an ALLIANCE logo on two , gallon cans cold  beans. So around we went taste testing all  the differnent entries ranging from chilli with a shot of Rum provided by Fred on MOON RIVER very good, to several variations including a version of pork chilli. The fire was lit, it may have only been 40* outside,  but I was sweatin it out already. We ate and then the tally was taken. DIRECTION got the most beans (votes) and won the chilli cook off.  The next day  the chilli took revenge, chilli 3,big john 0. 1 Shart.